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Pros and Cons of Starch

Pros and Cons of Starch

As with anything, there are pros and cons with starch.

Dress shirts are a personal choice from colors, fit, patterns and even starch. The amount of starch used, or not used can determine how your clothing will look and feel.

A benefit to using starch on your dress shirt is a crisper look and resistance to wrinkles and even stains. But the downside of starch is that it makes the shirt stiffer and can result in shortening the lifespan of your dress shirt. Consider using light starch which can limit the negative effects while enjoying the benefits of starch. This way you can get the best of both worlds, a crisper shirt has some stain protection, but won’t wear out quite as easily as a heavily starched shirt.

Here are a few advantages and drawbacks of using starch on your dress shirts:

  • Starch can build up causing stiffness in the dress shirt.
  • Starch can help your whites stay whiter!
  • Using heavy starch levels can wear the shirt down quicker, especially in the elbows where there is repeated movement.
  • Starch can help prevent stains from sinking into the fabric.
  • Starch reduces the flexibility in a shirt, making the shirt feel tighter like it shrunk.
  • The life expectancy of your shirt can vary with the amount of starch you use, the amount of strain you place on your shirts while wearing them, type of fabric, and laundering process.

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