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Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Benefits of dry cleaning are far more than removing stains and caring for your formal wear. Once you understand the benefits, it will become a necessity. Although not all of your clothing requires dry cleaning, having them professionally dry cleaned by your Greenville dry cleaner will help keep your clothes looking brand new. Here are just a few benefits of dry cleaning:

Convenient Dry Cleaning Pick Up & Delivery Service

With everything you have to accomplish in a day, laundry is the last thing you want to think about. With FabriCare of Greenville we will do it for you. Simply place your dirty clothes in our provided dry cleaning garment bag and schedule a pick-up. After your clothes have been cleaned, ironed, folded or starched we will deliver them to you.

Dry Cleaning Is Not Harsh

Professional dry cleaning services use products that are less abrasive than what you may use at home which helps your clothing stay softer and better taken care of. FabriCare of Greenville trained staff is also equipped to care for different types of fabrics to achieve the best result in caring for your clothing.

Attention to Detail

Doing laundry at home comes with much more than just washing and drying clothes. Your Greenville dry cleaning professionals take time to determine the best cleaning method. You no longer have to worry about following the instructions on your clothing labels. We do that for you!

Large Item Dry Cleaning

Did you know we handle more than just clothes? That’s right, we are capable of handling your larger items (table cloths, slipcovers, drapes and comforters). That’s one less thing for you to worry about and one more item clean!

Get Stains and Odors Out

We all know about the impossible stains to remove. The odors that just don’t seem to go away. Fabricare of Greenville knows just what to do to get your tough stains out and that lingering odor removed so you can wear your favorite clothing again!

So what are you waiting for? Do you need a professional dry cleaning service? Do you want to experience the benefits of dry cleaning? Visit your Greenville dry cleaner, FabriCare of Greenville or join our Door to Door Delivery Program today and let us make your life easier.

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