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Can Clothes Last Longer with Dry Cleaning

Can Clothes Last Longer with Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is usually taken for granted, the ease and ability to drop off your clothes and pick them back up clean, is a gift especially for those with limited time. Is it worth it though? A lot of consumers want to know…Can clothes last longer with dry cleaning? To understand that question lets first dive into what dry cleaning entails.

Dry cleaning is a process that was originated in 1821 by Thomas L. Jennings as a way to clean clothes and other textiles without using water. Instead of using water a different liquid solution was created to dissolve dirt and oils that cling to clothes without damaging the underlying materials.

When we receive your clothes either in the store or with our pick-up and delivery service, we start by placing them in a chamber with the right amount of cleaning solution. As the machine rotates the particles begin to lift, cleaning the clothes. With more hardy stains the clothes receive more individual attention.

If you are looking for a simple answer to the question…Can clothes last longer with dry cleaning? The answer is yes. It is because dry cleaning is less abrasive than traditional washing.  This is because certain fabrics are more sensitive to water immersion and heat that is present in most commercial washing machines. Because this process does not use water your more delicate items experiences less wear and tear.

Dry cleaning also preserves fabric qualities. While shrinkage of clothing is annoying it isn’t the only damage that can be caused. Using hot and soapy water can often lead to damaging the color and texture of your clothing.

And finally, we are able to tackle tough stains. The solvent that is used by your Greenville Dry Cleaner allows us to deeply dissolve stains, oils, and odors from your most loved clothing items.  Meaning you can wear them longer.

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