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What Causes Whites To Dull

What Causes Whites To Dull

White clothes are a staple in so many closets because of the versatility that comes with it. Being able to dress it up or down to match any occasion. There are many reasons that white clothing seem to lose their brightness, but here are some of the main reasons and how to avoid it.

Overloading the Washing Machine

When the washing machine becomes overloaded it causes dirt particles to become trapped and unable to be rinsed out. Simply lighten the load to avoid this.

Too Much Laundry Detergent

While this may seem like the opposite of a problem, if there are too many suds within your laundry it can actually hold the dirt on the clothes instead of rinsing out. But it is also possible not to use enough laundry detergent. To find the right amount to use, read the directions on the back of your preferred detergent.

Storing in Plastic Bags

We’ve all done it, placed our clothes in a plastic bag. Plastic bags can trap moisture and gases around your white clothes causing them to yellow. Be sure to remove your clothing from the plastic bags before putting them away.

Dirt Transfer

It is possible for dirt from your clothing to transfer to other articles of clothing while in the washing machine. To help avoid this it is recommended to wash white clothes separately. If some clothes are very dirty, consider washing them in another load.

Personal Care Products

Some antiperspirants contain aluminum chlorohydrate which can cause yellowing in fabric. To avoid your whites from yellowing, allow time for your deodorant to dry before putting on a shirt.

Treat Your Stains

This is true for all clothing items, but especially for whites. The longer a spill or stain sits on a clothing item, the harder it is to get it out. That’s why it is important to treat stains as soon as possible and use a stain remover. It’s not recommended to use bleach as a stain remover that can break down the brightener and cause the whites to turn yellow or brown.

Now that the sun is out and spring is here, try hanging your whites outside to dry. The sunshine is a natural bleaching agent.

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