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Clothing Care In Between Dry Cleaning Services

Clothing Care In Between Dry Cleaning Services

Clothes have a hard job protecting us from the elements and keeping up with whatever activity we choose. That is why it is important to care for them so they can last a long time and keep us looking our best. Here are some tips for clothing care in between FabriCare dry cleaning services.

Clothing Care

Pay attention to the label on your clothing because it tells you exactly how to best clean that item. By following the directions given such as dry clean only or use a specific water temperature will help protect your clothing so that you can get more wears out of it. If you have some nicer clothing options that do not state they are dry clean only, it would be a wise decision to still have them dry cleaned.

Cycle Clothing

We all are guilty of wearing our favorite article of clothing all the time because it’s your favorite of course. But there are a couple benefits from trying to not over wear an item.  One is that because you wear it less it does not need to be washed as frequently saving the fabric. Also, it gives you the chance to rediscover some old favorite pieces you haven’t worn lately.

Storing Clothing

When storing clothes take your time, gently fold the items and use proper hangers when appropriate.

Good Practices In Between Dry Cleaning

Here are a few tips to follow in between dry cleaning services at your Greenville dry cleaner, FabriCare of Greenville.

  • When you get home from work or an event make sure to hang your clothes up promptly and properly with the appropriate hangers.
  • You are also able to remove minor wrinkles by hanging clothes in the bathroom when you you take a hot shower. Let the steam do its job!
  • Store sweaters folded and flat to prevent them from stretching. Hanging them can stretch out the shoulders and neck area.
  • Empty your pockets for any change, pens, keys or other miscellaneous items.
Storing Clothes

When storing clothes take your time.  Separate colors and gently fold items to be placed in drawers. Use proper hangers when appropriate. The better you take care of your clothes the longer they will last.

If you are needing a Greenville dry cleaning service that offers door to door delivery call FabriCare of Greenville today.  Be sure to sign up for our dry cleaning services to make your life that much easier.

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