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How to Clean Your Wedding Dress

How to Clean Your Wedding Dress

So much effort goes into your wedding day. All the planning, rehearsing, and most importantly the moment you feel like the bride walking down the aisle in your dream gown and steal your own show. One thing most brides don’t think about is how dirty your dress can get after your wedding. No matter if it is indoors or outdoors you are bound to get stains.

FabriCare of Greenville, your Greenville dry cleaner is here for you to professionally clean your wedding dress. We also wanted to suggest a few tips to clean your wedding dress at home. These tips will vary depending on the type of dress and material. Some wedding dress material is machine washable while others are better to be washed by hand.

Start out with drawing a bath of cool/lukewarm water with a light detergent mixed into the water. It is important to not use too hot of water to avoid melting any of the embellishments.  Allow the dress to soak in this water mixture and the dirt will begin to come out. If you have bigger stains on the dress invest in a stain remover mixture to spray on the dress. Very lightly take an old toothbrush and begin to brush the stain out of the wedding dress. Depending on how dirty your dress is you may need to replace the water before the process is completely done. After the stains have been removed it is now time to rinse the dress. Take sections under cool water and rinse the detergent residue out of the wedding dress. After this is done lay your wedding dress out to dry before storing away safely for generations to come.

For more questions on how to clean your wedding dress or if the task is too daunting for you to take on call FabriCare of Greenville today and let us professionally clean your wedding dress and save the memories forever.

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