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Turning Your High School Clothes Into Your College Wardrobe

Turning Your High School Clothes Into Your College Wardrobe

Making the jump from high school to college can be simple. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your wardrobe when you are making that transition.

  1. Ditch your high school t-shirts. No matter if you were super involved or it’s only a few shirts. Start college off by leaving high school behind. Switch out any high school t-shirts with your new college logo!
  2. Check the weather. If you are moving to a new city for college make sure to check out the weather where you are going. Once you know then pick out the perfect outerwear such as rain jackets, snow boots, or hats to block out the sun.
  3. Always have an overslept outfit on standby. It is bound to happen at least once. You sleep through your alarm and barely wake up in time for class. Keep some comfy leggings and a loose t-shirt or sweater to thrown on and head to class.
  4. Get ready to go out. No matter where you are going a stylish dress with a laid-back jacket is perfect for all occasions.
  5. Find a pair that can easily match a majority of your outfits for classes.
  6. Depending on your school you may even have formals or off campus events. For these keep in mind that a little black dress NEVER goes out of style.
  7. When going out your purse is a critical part of the assemble. A small crossbody is key. This is big enough to hold your phone, money, ID, and even some lipstick but not too bulky to be carrying around all night.
  8. In college be prepared to walk or bike everywhere. Invest in some shoes that are more casual and comfortable to get you from class to class.
  9. Don’t forget about accessories. Dress up any outfit with some statement pieces that can be mixed and matched.
  10. Find your favorite jacket the one that can go with just about anything and fits your style to grab as you are running out the door.

Now that you have your college wardrobe planned out, contact us if you have questions on how to care for your clothes. Or save the laundry and we’ll take care of it when you are on break visiting your family and friends. Good luck at college!

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