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The Complicated Relationship Between Clothing and Perfume

The Complicated Relationship Between Clothing and Perfume

Perfume dates back to 1370 and was all the rage because people didn’t have the opportunity the bathe every day. The desire for perfume hasn’t gone away. Scents can provoke a bunch of different emotions, just like smelling cookies can make you feel at home.

But is there a proper way to apply perfume?

There are points known as pulse points. These are areas known to help perfume keep the scent lasting all day. Your pulse points are your inner wrist, base of your throat, behind the knees, and your inner elbows. The important part is to make sure it is completely dry before getting dressed.

Why is that important?

Many perfumes can have alcohol and when directly applied to a garment can leave an oily-looking stain. Easiest way to prevent this from happening is to apply before you get dressed.

Now if you already have a stain on your clothing from perfume here are the best steps to help remove it.

  • First soak the clothing in a warm mixture of water, laundry detergent, and color safe bleach.
  • Next without rinsing toss it into the washer for the appropriate time according to the tag.
  • Before placing it in the dryer check if the stain has been removed, heat can cause stains to set.

If you were able to remove the stain awesome. If you weren’t, consider bringing your clothing to your Greenville dry cleaner, FabriCare of Greenville today and let the professionals help you out! We also offer our convenient Door to Door Delivery Program and laundry services.

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