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Cleaning Your Halloween Costume

Cleaning Your Halloween Costume

Costumes are what Halloween memories are made from. Carefully cleaning your Halloween costume is important to get the most out of your investment. Here are a few key steps to follow to care for your Halloween costume.

Hand Wash

After reading the garment care instruction tag and discovering that machine washing isn’t the best option, consider hand washing. Washing your costume by hand does require more attention but will go a long way in extending the wearable life and keeping it in perfect shape.

Machine Washing

If your costume is made out of traditional fabric and other machine compatible materials, a washing machine may be an ideal solution. Before throwing your Halloween costume in the washing machine check the laundry instruction tags. These instructions will help guide you on how to clean your Halloween costume.

Spot Cleaning

If your Halloween costume didn’t suffer the wrath of all over dirtiness, spot cleaning may be your best option. This means you would solely clean the dirty spots on your clothing. Using a spray on spot cleaner will be best in your best interest to get out those few pesky spots instead cleaning the entire costume.

Professional Dry Cleaning

We all know we have our strong spots and maybe laundry isn’t that for you. Luckily it is for us!  Bring your costume in and we will professionally clean it for you!

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