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Noticing Yellow Spots On Your Clothes?

Noticing Yellow Spots On Your Clothes?

We have been enjoying the spring season and look forward to moving into summer. We all love wearing white, but the yellow stains that can appear are not what you want to see. Have you ever pulled your summer clothing out of storage and found yellow stains and discoloration? This is a common problem. Yellow spots come from leftover particles that are on your clothing when you placed them in storage at the end of the season. The left over particles can be from food, beverages, or body perspiration that have oxidized while in storage.

The easiest way to improve this is ensure you wash all garments properly before storing them. Here are some tips to ensure proper cleaning at home.

  • Check the label! Follow any special instructions.
  • Use enough detergent to breakdown the spills and dirt.
  • Ensure all garments are thoroughly rinsed.
  • When using bleach, exercise caution. When not completely rinsed or used in excess can cause yellowing on your clothes.

If you have clothing that you love don’t risk it. Bring your garments to your Greenville Dry Cleaner, FabriCare of Greenville to be dry cleaned! When dropping off your clothing be sure to alert us to any stains that you have. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help!

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