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Back to School Clothing

Back to School Clothing

While we wish summer could never end it has to. Back to school can bring a mixture of emotions for everyone in the family. With a long list of to-dos, here are some suggestions on how to tackle back to school clothes.

Planning Back To School Clothing
  • Start with your kids trying on the clothes in the closet and identifying what still fits.
  • Create three clothing groups (per child) one to keep, one to give to a sibling, and one to donate.
  • After you identify which clothes fit make sure that they are still in good condition and don’t need any alterations.
  • Have your kids help you organize the closet so they can find their clothes each morning.
  • Develop a list of clothing or supplies you might need to help stick to a budget.
  • Check with friends or neighbors to see if they have any clothes that they would like to do a clothing swap with you.
  • If you are bringing your child shopping with you try to set expectations on what you are buying and not buying.
  • Lastly, enjoy every moment of this year!

Being in school year means more work for everyone. It’s easy to let laundry go to the back burner of priorities. If this is happening, visit your Greenville Dry Cleaner, FabriCare of Greenville at one of our three locations. You can schedule a time to utilize our pickup and delivery service.

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