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Dry Cleaning Comforters

Dry Cleaning Comforters

You might have heard that you should dry clean your comforters and blankets, without understanding the why. Here are the benefits of dry cleaning comforters.


Throwing your comforter in a washing machine can cause the fabric to ball up and have lumps throughout the bedding. This can take a while to flatten out, and possibly may never look or feel the same. It is also hard to achieve a deep clean in the washer.


Your bedding is dirtier than you might think. We can see the surface dirt, but the fabric can also catch your skin cells, oils, and more. These can get caught between the fabric and make it harder to get your comforter clean in a washer.


After several washes the color can begin to fade on your comforters. FabriCare of Greenville dry cleaning can help ensure that the colors last longer without a need to replace your bedding more frequently than you may like.


Your time is valuable. Don’t waste your time struggling to fit the comforter in the washer and let us handle dry cleaning comforters for you.


Nothing is worse than trying to clean something and it not fitting into your washing machine. Once you get it loaded you may hear a loud banging sound. We don’t have that problem at FabriCare of Greenville and can have it done when you need it. Take unneeded stress off of your washer and dryer at home.

If you would like to get something off your to-do list, bring your comforters to your Greenville Dry Cleaner and bring it to a new level of clean. We can be reached using our online contact form or by calling 864.877.7701.