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Should You Wash Before You Wear

Should You Wash Before You Wear

With the holidays here it can mean new clothes. Whether you buy the clothes to wear at a party or receive them as a gift. It is natural to want to wear them right away. But it is important to wash your new clothes before you wear them. Here is why!


Dyes within new fabrics typically have extra dyes after being produced that come off during dry cleaning or being washed. Without washing new clothes first, the dyes can transfer to your skin or to other garments. If washing at home, you may want to consider washing each piece of clothing separately.


Chemicals are used in clothing to enhance the texture and color. If you have sensitive skin and do not wash your new clothes first, can give chemicals the opportunity to irritate your skin and potentially cause a rash.

Trying on Clothes

Purchasing new clothes off the rack doesn’t always mean they are brand new, maybe just new to you! When wearing clothes for the first time you need to be aware of the previous wearers, ie. clothes tried on at the store or purchased and returned. Previous wearers could have transferred bacteria, dead skin cells, and sweat to the fabric.

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