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Business Suit Tips

Business Suit Tips

One of the first thing people notice about you in business is how you are dressed. As you progress up the business platform you need to continue to dress for success. Here are business suit tips to keep in mind.

It is recommended that all men and women should own at least one black suit and a neutral color like navy or beige. Business suits should be made from wool instead of polyester, since it wears better. It is important to buy suits that are lined on the inside. Buy separate pieces together, ie. pants, jackets and skirts to ensure a good match.

Choosing a Suit
  • Collars should hug the back of your neck and allow for your shirt collar to show.
  • Pants and skirts should not be too tight, but loose enough for comfort throughout the day.
  • Jacks should lie across your shoulders and cover the entire back.
  • Straight leg pants is the best for a professional environment with the hemline falling just above the floor.
  • Skirts should fall 1″ – 2″ above the knee when sitting down.
Caring for a Business Suit
  • When sitting unbutton your suit jacket and pull up your pants slightly at the thigh to help reduce stress on the seams. 
  • Hang your suits on a hanger that follows the natural curve of the jacket. Leave space between your garments hanging in the closet.
  • Your final business suit tips, don’t store your business suits dirty. It is recommended that you professionally clean them after wearing one or two times. Mens and ladies business shirts should be dry cleaned after every use.

If your suit gets soiled or wrinkled you can bring it to your dry cleaning professional, FabriCare of Greenville. We also offer a door to door delivery program.

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