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How to Remove Coffee Stains

How to Remove Coffee Stains

If you drink coffee, it is inevitable at some point to get coffee stains at home, the office, or before a Zoom call. Like most stains, your best chances to remove coffee stains is to treat it right after it happens. But no fret, here are some tips to remove coffee stains from your clothing. While the best option is to use FabriCare of Greenville to ensure your clothes are in pristine condition, here are a few steps to take in the mean time.

First, make sure you blot the stain as soon as possible. Using two towels, press them against the front and inside of the stain to remove any extra liquid. Next, using cold water rinse the stain and blot until you see it lifting, repeating the steps as necessary. You can rub it gently from the center outward in a circular motion. 

There are home remedies like vinegar or stain removal treatments which you may find helpful. Be sure to read the garment care label before applying any treatment. It is important to use cold water, because hot water or drying it in a hot temperature can make the stain permanent. 

Don’t stress, bring your laundry to your Greenville dry cleaner, FabriCare of Greenville for professional stain removal. We also offer our convenient Door to Door Delivery program.

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