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Nobody Wants a Dingy Towel

Nobody Wants a Dingy Towel

Nobody wants a smelly or dingy towel. Nothing can feel more refreshing after a long day than a nice long hot shower. But nothing can ruin the feeling of a refreshing shower like a dingy smelling towel. You may ask yourself what causes that to happen? Here are a few things that can cause your towel to take a downward turn.  

Towels Have a Hard Job

It a dirty job, by cleaning off you and your bath products your towel goes through a lot. The left over residue from your shampoo, make up, and bacteria can stay around on your towel longer.

Wash Your Towels

The way you wash your towels. Using cold water in the wash won’t remove the residue the way the hot wash will.

Separate The Loads

Washing white towels with colored towels and/or clothes can become discolored if the dyes are released in the wash. This can cause the towels to absorb the dyes and take on a new tint and/or color.

Don’t overload

We know you probably want to do as few loads as possible, but putting too many clothes in your washing machine can make it hard for your towels to get thoroughly clean. An overloaded washer can cause dirt particles to become trapped, preventing them from being rinsed out.


More detergent is not better. Washing with too much laundry detergent can cause the suds to hold dirt against the fabric. If your detergent isn’t effective or doesn’t smell nice can leave an impression on your towels.

It’s recommended to wash your towels in hot water and don’t overload the washer. Leave room for the towels to move around in the machine to ensure proper washing and rinsing. Need help? Fabricare can help keep your clothes cleaner and towels dingy free…Contact us today