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Summertime Stain Removal

Summertime Stain Removal

When gearing up for summer it is important to be prepared for any summertime stains you may face. When eating some of our favorite foods like ice cream, BBQ, watermelon, soda and cheeseburgers can include a variety of stains on your clothes. Here are some common summertime stains and helpful tips to make sure you are ready for whatever this summer throws at you.

Some stains can be removed with water, but some may require more action to remove and the best bet will be to bring it to your Greenville dry cleaner so our professionals can make sure your favorite top or pants sees the summer rays again.

Ice Cream and Popsicles

These summer treats can be challenging to remove from your clothing, especially chocolate residue. If not handled with care it can lead to a nasty a permanent stain.

French Fries

This tasty food may seem harmless, but grease stains can be set with the smallest amount of water. This is true for any types of pizza, BBQ, or meats due to the fat content.

Adult Beverages

Seems like a great idea until you drip some on your clothes. The alcohol can lead to damaging silk or acetate disturbing dyes. 


The high acidity in yellow or pink lemonade can cause the dye in your clothes to change colors.

Stain removal boils down to being aware of the stain and timing. The sooner you treat a stained garment, the better chance you have at removing the stain. When dropping off your dry cleaning be sure to let us know if there is a stain. FabriCare of Greenville is here to help you through whatever summertime stain your encounter.

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