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Packing Clothes for Your Vacation

Packing Clothes for Your Vacation

Here are some tips when packing clothes for your vacation before and after you arrive.

Bag Your Shoes

Wrap your shoes with plastic grocery bags before placing them in a suitcase. This will help keep your clothes clean and shoes from getting scratched or smashed.

Garment Bags

Pack your nicer dress clothes in a garment bag which will help keep your items less crowded and free of wrinkles.

Stain Remover

Keeping a small bottle of stain remover and/or laundry detergent will help take care of stains as soon as they happen. The quicker you get to it the better the outcome will be. If it will be longer than 2 days before washing your garment, you may want to wash it in the sink to try and remove the stain. We know that the last thing you want to do while on vacation is laundry, but it may be worth protecting your garment from a permanent stain. Plug the drain, add a little water and detergent, rub and swish it around, and then rinse. 

Avoid Wrinkles

Consider the fabric of your clothes and if they wrinkle easy. Linen and cotton wrinkle easily. Polyester, knit, spandex, and cashmere are nice wrinkle free fabrics to pack when traveling. Most hotels will have an iron that you can use if needed.

Mini Sewing Kit

Packing a mini sewing kit will be a lifesaver if a button falls off. If you forget, most hotels will have one available with the concierge if needed.

Unpack & Put Away

As soon as you get to your location, unpack your clothes to avoid and/or reduce the amount of wrinkles. If you notice some wrinkles from packing clothes try hanging it in the bathroom while running a hot shower and allow the steam to relax the wrinkles in the fabric. 

For your laundry needs when you get home drop your clothes off at your Greenville dry cleaner,  Fabricare of Greenville for dry cleaning services.