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Helping Your Kids Clothes Last Longer

Helping Your Kids Clothes Last Longer

Helping your kids clothes last longer is a goal. Kids clothes just don’t last long when your children are growing and playing hard. But even clothes that fit can get ruined by grass stains, dry-erase markers, snacks stains, and random holes. Here are a few tricks to help your children’s clothes last a little longer.

Buy a Little Big

Kids grow out of their clothes quickly. Buying pants with adjustable tabs are perfect since they adjust to their waist as needed.

Play Clothes

Separate play clothes from good clothes in their closet or drawers. Encourage your kids to change into play clothes right away when they get home. This will help lower the probability of good clothes getting a hole in them or mud stains. You may even want to set aside some older clothes for really messy arts and crafts, or helping mom and dad in the yard.


Don’t let a hole stop them from wearing shorts or pants. Using other fabric can create a fun patch over the hole. Or pants that have gotten too short can be cut into shorts. Dresses that are too short can be worn as long tops with leggings.


Getting dressed for the school day after eating breakfast can help avoid a mealtime of spills. Staying in their PJ’s a little longer or wearing a robe over their school clothes while eating can also help and save time getting out the door.

Fold & Hang Clothes

Teach your kids how to properly hang, fold and put away their clothes. Shoving clothes in drawers will get wrinkled. Periodically purge your kids clothes that no longer fit to create more space and room for the clothes that do fit.

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