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College Laundry

College Laundry

It’s your first year of laundry. Now that you’re settled in you may be asking yourself….How do I do laundry? Do I know/remember the steps and all the tricks to do my college laundry? It’s probably not a great idea to call mom at 2am when the laundry machines are open up and you are looking for help. Look below for some helpful tips to take care of your college laundry.

  1. Check all clothing labels and look at what needs to be dry cleaned versus washed.
  2. While sorting take the time to spot and treat any stains.
  3. Do a separate load with any bed linens and bath towels. This helps fully clean your sheets while also preserving your clothes. 
  4. Separate light and dark college laundry items along with whites.
  5. Turn items like jeans inside out to reduce color fading.
  6. Use a dedicated bag to keep items safe during wash cycles.
  7. Close all zippers to reduce snagging.
  8. Don’t overload the washer and dryer by placing too much inside of it.
  9. Clean the lint trap in the dryer before putting clothes in to dry.
  10. Remove your clothes from the dyer immediately to prevent wrinkles from setting in!

If college laundry is a struggle or you just don’t have time. Talk to us about our laundry and dry cleaning services and focus on more important things than waiting for a washer and dryer to open up.